BEWARE some people are downloading my plans and trying to sell them on eBay!

If you are interested the plans for my halfpipe and are curious as to what you are getting you can get a glimpse here. I took only a few pictures of the steps while building my son's halfpipe. I should have taken more pictures of the critical areas of construction, but I was not intending to provide plans until people started stopping by asking for them. I built the halfpipe in the Spring of 2001 for about $450.00. It is very hard to estimate the cost of the pipe these days. The best way is to take the materials list, which is in the set of plans, to your local home improvement or lumber store and price it out. It took me about 4-5 days spending maybe 4-5 hours each day to complete it. Really. The price includes the paint which is not included in the materials list. I will be glad to answer any questions you have, send me an e-mail .


My plans are for a beginners halfpipe and were designed to take the best advantage of the dimensions of 4'x8' plywood and 2"x4"x8' studs and have little waste. In my research I was told that inline skaters like a little steeper slope than skateboarders so I designed the plans to have two versions. You really can skate anything you want or like. I just call mine inline version and skateboard version only because they tend to fit the needs of one over the other. The height of each just came out as they are in order to fit two curved ends on each sheet of plywood.

Skateboard version is 24'L x 8'W x 3'3"H and has a platform a little over 2' deep. The other is for inline skating, this one has a steeper slope and is a little higher. 21'L x 8'W x 4'H with a platform about 1' 4" deep. The flat bottom is 8'x8'.

EVERYONE ELSE (METRIC) MEASUREMENTS (approx): Skateboard version is 7.312m L x 2.438m W x 1m H and has a platform a little over .609m deep. It has a 2.286m radius transition curve.The other is for inline skating, this one has a steeper slope and is a little higher. 6.4m L x 2.438m W x 1.219m H with a platform about .396m deep. It has a 1.714m radius transition curve. The flat bottom in the middle is 2.438m x 2.438m. These measurements may not be exactly what yours will be. The conversion was based on the dimensions of lumber in America. Your lumber may be slightly different.

If you skateboard I would use a steel pipe for the coping rather than a plastic one. It will hold up to skateboards better and it is a little slower than plastic. The plastic seems a little too fast at times for skaters when they are trying to set themselves up for some grinds.

Put a 4 - 6 mil sheet of plastic under the halfpipe to act as a vapor barrier. It will prevent moisture from condensing under the halfpipe.

Moms and Dads, don't think this replaces skate parks or street skating because it won't. It adds to them. It is a good thing to have for practicing and for beginners to start out on. Believe me, they will love you for it.

NOTE: I have had these plans up for awhile and I never caught this error on the materials list. You will need a total 61 2x4s for the inline version and 59 for the Skateboard version. I will revise the plans soon.

FREE DOWNLOAD a 248k pdf file of the 12 page plans.
FREE DOWNLOAD 6ft Curver addendum to the skateboard version!
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If you can't download it, feel free to email me and I will send you the file in an email attachment. (You will need to be able to receive email with attachments). If you build your halfpipe from my plans I would love to have a picture of it for my website.

Just to let you know the global reach of these plans I have had questions and requests from all over the US, Canada, Hawaii, England (UK), New Zealand, Australia, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Israel, South America, South Africa, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, Bulgaria, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Romania, Russia and Barbados. I need to hear from more European skaters? I have finally heard from China! Happy Skating! and "Wear Your Helmet!"

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Brandon Cardone

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I have included a complete materials list and step-by-step directions on how I built mine.
Plan A
Skateboard transition curve plan
Plan B
Inline skate transition curve plan
Cross joist positioning plan for both versions
Plan D
Curved end assembly plan
Plan E
Bottom platform framework plan for unstable or uneven ground
Bottom platform framework plan for flat solid ground
Plan G
Coping installation plan for skateboard version

Alternative way of fastening rail

Plan H
Coping installation plan for inline skate version
Curved end decking installation plan
Plan K
Railing plan
Grind Rail
Bonus: Simple grind rail plan
Try this to make the skateboard version almost 6' high. It involves splicing a piece to the curved end and reinforcing it with a 2x4 frame. You can make the platform deck any depth you want. DOWNLOAD        
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