My wife, Holly, is a real estate agent with Edina Realty, and I have two active boys. Adam, who ran cross country, track and Nordic skiing at Minnetonka High School, also plays acoustic and electric guitar. He is now finishing up at the University of Minnesota to get a degree in Bio-Chemistry and hopes to get accepted in the medical program. He works as an EMT with Cart Ambulance while he waits to be accepted into the U of MN medical program. Nicholas is into gaming, inline skating around town and snowboarding. He is developing a talent for graphic design especially in the area of graphitti. He wiIl be going to the Art Institute this Fall 2008. I built a halfpipe in 2001 to keep him busy at home. With the plans available on this site I receive hundreds of thousands of hits a year. I put some Google ads on it and now it is making a little money for Nick's Art School. It has also generated quite a bit of email from kids literally all over the world who are looking to build their own halfpipes.

The most important, challenging and rewarding element in my life is my faith in God through my personal relationship with His Son, Jesus Christ. I turned my life over to Him in December 1991 through the diligent and faithful witness of my twin brother, Ron (see his study on the Book of Romans). Bible Study Fellowship BSF, an interdenominational, weekly bible study class has played a key role in my knowledge and growth as a christian. Our family worships at Ridgewood Church. It is a vibrant and alive church dedicated to making disciples of Jesus Christ.

In the past I took my two boys and three of their friends to Cornerstone Festival, a Christian music and arts festival in Bushnell, Illinois. Over 25,000 people, mostly teens and young adults, camped, danced and moshed to 300 bands on ten stages for four days. There was also 150 hours of seminars covering topics as diverse as film and imagination, apologetics, dating and relationships, social justice and philosophy.

I bought a 1998 Jeep Wrangler in December of 2002 after thinking my Astro van was going to need very expensive repairs. It is a vehicle I have always wanted and has been an absolute blast. If you don't know, Jeeps have horrible sound systems so I designed a subwoofer that fit in the very small trunk (yes, they call that a trunk) and still leave a little room. At least now I have my Jeep which ironically has cost me about $600 in repairs since I have owned it. J-just E-empty E-every P-pocket they say. By the way, I fixed the van for $9.00.

In January 2000, after 22 years with General Mills, I found it time to venture out on my own. I have much experience in many areas of graphic design and production. This experience has brought me from conventional to electronic keylining, designing sales brochures, annual reports, cookbooklets, FSI's, POP material, concept boards, logos, posters and flyers to package design. I have been a Keyliner, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Senior Designer and Creative Director and the one element that brings all my experience together is the fact that I have done the production on most of my work.

I am no longer free lancing because I took a position as a Senior Designer with Scott W. Baker Associates. Baker is a nationally known package design firm in Wayzata, MN.

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